NECINA: Boston Digital Health Conference

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Ray and Maria Stata Center, MIT 32 Vassar St Cambridge, MA 02139

During the past decades, there are lots of exciting artificial intelligence (AI) based innovations that drive healthcare revolution. U.S. health care spent about $3.5 trillion (19% of US GDP) in 2017 with a 25% increase within five years from $2.8 trillion in 2012. Plenty of efforts have been taken to reduce the costs in the healthcare systems, among which we have seen tremendous growth opportunities in AI application to healthcare. With increasingly available health and genomic data, AI-driven technologies are enabling innovations in advancing medical knowledge discovery and health care delivery. AI can effectively reduce healthcare labor cost as well as improve efficiency in image analysis, administrative workflow optimization, virtual nursing assistants and dosage error reduction.


However, AI healthcare practical implementation is still facing multiple challenges: Current regulation lacks of standards to assess AI system safety and efficacy; The continuation of the data exchange might become an obstacle for sustaining AI system as current healthcare infrastructure doesn’t provide incentives for data sharing. Although many AI applications have been helping clinicians with productivity, clinical decision making is still rare. Overcoming those problems would require close collaboration between healthcare and technology community.


This conference will bring together an illustrious group of healthcare practitioners, life science researchers, data scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs to share their in-depth knowledge, and how data science and AI technologies drive improving patients’ health care quality, boosting system efficiency, reducing costs, and so on.

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